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Traveling and discovering the world doesn’t have to be a life altering decision. It can be as easy as going for a run or become a second nature like brushing your teeth … you simply need to get into the habit of doing. And although the tales of people quitting their jobs, selling all their earthly possessions and leading a life of a vagabond may seem romantic, it’s just as easy to hold down a full time job and travel with a family as it is to walk the earth alone like Cain.

I decided long ago that I would work to live and not live to work, and by doing so, I made a conscious decision to put first the people and the things that are important to me … and traveling is definitely ONE of them.

For over a decade, I have traveled to over 300 cities in 26 countries. I believe that discovering the world and truly understanding the culture requires more than strapping on a backpack and traveling off the beaten path, and no matter how well traveled or culturally proficient we may see ourselves, ultimately, we are all tourists in the eyes of the locals.

Nevertheless, I do my best to travel with respect to the culture of the place that I visit, learn the language, and more importantly, I try to interact with the locals whenever I can, as after all, the best travel memories I’ve had were those shared with others and connections I’ve made along the way.

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San Francisco, CA, United States

Have book and camera, will travel.

photography, travel, politics, art, museum, gastronomy, music, modern/contemporary architecture, good wine, learning different languages and about different cultures, classic films, anything that makes me think or laugh

Favorite Movies:
Two for the Road, Breakfast at Tiffany's, As Good As It Gets, Spy Game

Favorite Books:
Even Cowgirls Get the Blues, Invisible Man, A Long Walk to Water, The Quiet American, Aloft