Thursday, November 8, 2012

Fun Things To Do With Children In Seoul

In all the years my husband and I’ve been traveling with our son, we have never been to a place like Seoul, where children are embraced and cherished by almost everyone we met.

There’s really no better way to experience the generosity and kindness of the locals first hand.  No matter how crowded the street gets, people will literally get out of your way if they see a stroller; strangers will vacate their seats for you on the subway or elders will tell the people sitting next to them to get up to make room for a child; people will offer to help you carry your shopping bags or help you carry the stroller up and down the stairs when you go through the subway station or the underground walkway. It’s a city … a country where the people take to heart the proverbial saying that “It takes a village to raise a child.” and throughout our stay, we experienced so much kindness from everyone we’d encountered.

Also, the city is full of fun museums and activities for children, and best of all, the admission to most of these places are FREE of charge. In fact, there were so many wonderful places to see and things to do with children in Seoul that we couldn’t cover all the places that were recommended to us by friends. We’ll definitely have to return to Seoul soon to see them all.

The Children’s Museum located within the National Museum of Korea is an experience-centered museum where children can see, touch, and feel the history of Korea through hands-on programs and games. It not only has a wonderful playground and playspace, but also an impressive exhibition that allow children to learn more about Korea’s cultural heritage in an interactive way.
If children were to design and create a museum for themselves, this would be it. Samsung Children’s Museum has more than 100 activities displayed on 4 floors that not only provide innovative cultural experiences for children, but also hands-on learning and educational programs, which are geared towards children’s development. In short, children have a blast while exploring and learning.
During my recent visit to South Korea, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the woods near my grandparents’ house where I had spent many years playing and exploring had turned into an art park. The mountainous area near the Anyang Station has been transformed into an outdoor sculpture garden displaying many art works by both Korean and international artists. I’d always enjoyed visiting my grandparents in Anyang and strolling through these mountains, and it was wonderful to see its transformation, and to see the excitement and delight on my sons face as he explored each sculpture as I’d done when I hiked through these mountain with my grandparents.
Neglected merely as an overpass since 1970, Cheonggyecheon was was a small stream that flowed through the downtown area along some of Seoul’s popular sights. Then, in 2003, the mayor of the city decided to restore the stream and give the city some much-needed natural space, and when the restoration was completed in 2005, Cheonggyecheon became a haven of natural beauty and oasis amidst the cosmopolitan city.

Situated smack dab in the middle of the city, it is one of the nicest place to take a stroll.  For children, it’s an absolutely perfect place to explore as you walk along the stream, there are many artistic and fun details that are sure to delight every child.
Located in the heart of the city, Lotte World is a great place for children and adults alike. It’s an indoor theme park like Disneyland, filled with thrilling rides, an ice rink, different kinds of parades as well as a folk museum, a lake, and much more.
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