Thursday, March 5, 2009

Ode to Indochine

As I watched the movie “Indochine” last night, it brought back memories of all the magnificent places I’d visited during my travel in Vietnam, a country filled with breathtaking beauty, wonderment, and sadly, a tragic history.

The movie, for the most part, is a romanticized recount of the lives of the French and the Vietnamese elite, illustrating only a small glimpse of the atrocities committed by the colonialists during their occupation in Indochina. However, it also portrays the strength and the will of the Vietnamese people not only in enduring the colonial oppression, but also in gaining their independence and the right to self-govern their own country.

It was one of my most profound travel experience to see this beautiful country and to witness first hand the resilience of its people and their undying defiance to survive on their own terms.

magnificent Ha Long Bay

ever-so-serene China Beach in Danang

beautiful Hanoi

historical Hue

Cao Dao temple

modern Saigon

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  1. Hallo und annyong--saw the link to this blog on the afar website--nice photos of Vietnam! For my wife and me as well, 'Indochine' has made us want to go...I think the film works well as a political allegory, and the cinematography doesn't hurt...Bonne Continuation!