Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Breathtaking Beaches Around the World

China Beach

After walking around Danang in scorching winter heat (the winter in Vietnam was hotter than most cities I’ve lived in), we arrived in China Beach, and the first thing I noticed was how serene it was in comparison to the overcrowded beaches in Thailand where we were just few months ago. Even at the height of tourist season, we were one of the few people there and almost had the whole beach to ourselves. Also, as we’d experienced all over Vietnam, the locals in Danang and in China Beach were so kind and generous ... I'll never forget their warmth and hospitality.

Railay Beach

Celebrating the New Year’s Eve in Railay Beach was an absolutely unforgettable experience. A paradise for rock climbers and beach goers alike, this small island located 2 hours south of Phuket provided such a wonderful backdrop for a New Year Celebration, which included lighting of fire lanterns and releasing them into the night sky. I was absolutely mesmerized by the sight of all the lanterns lit up and rising against the darkness and stillness of night.


I'd first heard of Borneo from a friend mine who lived in S. Korea. Relatively unknown island just off of the southern tip of Malaysia, I was told that it was a popular destination among Pan-Asian travelers. And it's easy to see why, as it offers just about everything that one could hope for in an exotic destination, a spectacular national park in the midst of a jungle and beautiful beaches just within minutes away from Kuching, a vibrant city rich in culture and history … not to mention a great selection of restaurants.

Dune de Pyla

Dune de Pyla is the largest sand dune in Europe located in the Arcachon Bay area about 45 minutes south of Bordeaux, and unlike the overly marketed and crowded Cote d’Azur, it has some of the most spectacular beaches and a breathtaking view of the Atlantic Ocean.

la Côte d'Azur

Undoubtedly one of the most popular vacation spots in France, Nice attracts people from all over the world, and although the beaches tend to get especially crowded during the summer, the scenery is absolutely gorgeous anytime of the year. What I enjoyed most was just strolling around this lovely old town, taking in the gorgeous view of the coastline from la Colline du Chateau, and devouring exquisite meals at one of the many fine restaurants. Watching the sunset and listening to the street performers on la Promenade des Anglais was a wonderful way to spend the evenings.


a wonderfully serene beach about 30min. south of Playa del Carmen on the Yucatan Peninsula, where the water is so clear that you can swim to the coral reefs right off the beaches

Pismo Beach

There are many beautiful beaches in California, but no place shows off its stunning coastline and exemplifies the laidback Californian culture like Pismo Beach … of course, the long white sand beaches and spectacular sunsets are unforgettable.

Lumaha’l Beach

This must be very near the garden of Eden.


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