Sunday, September 11, 2011

Temples in Asia

Something about visiting a temple that evokes feeling of serenity and inner peace. Perhaps, it's because I was introduced to Buddhism as a child, or because the soothing rhythm of the repeated chants is like beautiful music to my ears.

During my travel in Asia, visiting the temples, whether it be Buddhist, Confucius, Hindu or Cao Dao, became one of the highlights of my trips. I can still remember their beauty, the soothing fragrance of the incense, and the gently hallucinatory patterns of smoke rising from them.

Todaji Temple in Nara, JAPAN

Kofukuji Temple in Nara, JAPAN

Beopjusa Temple (법주사, 法住寺 ) in Songnisan, S. KOREA

 Hainan Temple in Georgetown, MALAYSIA

Khoo Kongsi Temple in Georgetown, MALAYSIA

 Lim Fah San Temple in Kuching, MALAYSIA

 Wat Arun in Bangkok, THAILAND

 Thien Hau Temple in Ho Chi Minh City, VIETNAM


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