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Mo’ Fun Things To Do With Children In Seoul

We always have a great time in Seoul

I can't think of a better place to spend Springbreak with children than in one of the most significant capital cities in Asia.  Seoul offers a wonderful mixture of culture, history and fun activities for children of all ages. 
In the midst of the megalopolis, Olympic Park offers 1.5 million square meters of extensive grassy fields, sculpture gardens, walking paths, and rest areas.

Also, the park preserves the spirit of the 1988 Seoul Olympics and provides a wonderful space to stroll and enjoy some of the most innovative artwork and outdoor installations.

It was an artistic feast as well as a calming experience, and more importantly, it was great place to hang out with my little boy and to have great conversations, which is always my favorite part of any trip!
Oh, the serenity! A walk along this 3½-mile stream is a true oasis for adults and children alike.

While it's situated smack dab in the middle of the city, Cheonggyecheon is remarkably quiet because the stream is more than 15 ft. below street level.  It felt like we were in a park or in the midst of wilderness, and I was surprised its tranquility.
The National Museum of Korea is a great place for adults and children.

The grand, marble-lined, modernist building cleverly channels plenty of natural light to show off Korea’s ancient treasures. Among the must see exhibits in the ground floor galleries are the Baekje Incense Burner, an extraordinary example of the artistry of the 6th to 7th century Baekje Kingdom; and the Golden Treasures for the Great Tomb of Hwangham.

Also, there is a Children's Museum offering a snapshot of Korean culture with plenty of hands on features and play spaces. The only downside is that it can get crowded at times, especially during weekends.  However, there are plenty of fun activities for kids, and it provides a great opportunity to learn about Korean history.

The highlight of our visit was strolling around the outdoor area surrounding the reflecting pond.
Contrary to my initial skepticism, the Aquarium at the COEX Mall turned out to be a fantastic place to spend a rainy day!

This huge theme Aquarium with 3,000 tons of water and 40,000 marine wildlife of 650 species was designed to allow visitors to embark on an adventure that follows water on its way from the high Andean mountains, through the Amazon tropical rain forest to swamps, rivers, seashores, and finally to the depths of the ocean.

The walk starts with the exhibit of Korea’s Land and Fishes composed of very impressive replicas of fresh-water environment such as rice field, swamp, river and lake. Continue to the Fish Wonderland with the main theme of the fish infiltration into the world of human beings. This exhibit is particularly funny with a variety of devices of our every-day life modified into water tanks, for example, a refrigerator, washing machine, TV or phone booth invaded with fish.

Although it's a popular destination among tourists, I can't deny that COEX Aquarium is a FUN place for kids, especially on a rainy day. 
One of the great surprises during this trip was Seoul Grand Park!

Set among forested hillsides in southern part of the city, Seoul Grand Park consists of themed areas for education, nature, and amusement. The park is known for its various amusement facilities and scenic beauty, including Seoul Grand Park Zoo, Children's Zoo, a rose garden, Seoul Land amusement park, and the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Gwancheon.

Although Seoul Grand Park is located just outside of Seoul, it feels like you're in the midst of wilderness. It was such a tranquil environment, and after spending a week in a city of 12 million people, it was a calming environment that we very much needed.

Worth noting
Without a doubt, the best part of our trip to South Korea was feasting on delicious food!  

Although barbecue meats and kimchi are commonly known outside the country, in Seoul, each popular dish has its own "town", a street filled with restaurants all serving their versions of that particular food.   

From street foods like rice cakes in spicy sauce (tteokbokki) to Korean set menu (Hanjeongsik), every dish has distinct flavor, texture and taste, and every meal was absolutely delightful!
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