Friday, December 12, 2008

The most memorable places and experiences in Europe

visiting vineyards and wine-tasting in Northern Italy (Veneto)

Montepulciano (Italy), a beautiful little village in the heart of Toscana, and staying at the ever-so-lovely Hotel Meuble Il Riccio, with a breathtaking view

Cinque Terre (Italy) and the boat ride to the five villages

visiting picturesque Brugge (Belgium), also known as the Venice of the Northern Europe, filled with charming hotels and restaurants, especially Le Greco, where they served the best banana flambé ... possibly in the world

tea in Prague (Czech Republic), especially at the sweet little teashop on the way to the Castle and a wonderful little restaurants near the Jewish Cemetery where they serve a wonderful selection of fresh seafood dishes

skiing in Zermatt (Switzerland) on the Matterhorn Mountains and the 3 hour lunches on top of the slopes on the Italian side

the unforgettable overnight train ride from French border to Bern, Switzerland through the Alps

tapas in San Sebastián (Spain)

the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao (Spain), a cosmopolitan city that offers a great combination of the old world regality and sleek modernity

Outdoor Christmas Markets (Weihnachtsmarkt) in Germany are wonderful. They start around the last week in November and end on Christmas Eve around mid-day, and they’re always festive, fun and a great way to celebrate the holidays.

… and last but definitely not least,
baklava in Istanbul (Turkey), a city filled with rich history, heritage and culture, and the Baklava at Kybele, a fantastic little hotel restaurant with an eclectic but absolutely charming ambiance

*The list excludes France, as I've dedicated an entire blog to it.


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